Design Process

Design Process

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Design Process

This page details the steps involved in a complete design project undertaken by Stone Homes Interior Design. The list outlines the general phases involved in most projects. However, we are flexible and can operate in a style to suit your project and budget.

Phase 1: Initial Design Consultation

This initial consultation allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your individual needs. It is often preferable to meet at your property in to familiarise ourselves with you style and taste. If you are embarking upon a build project we can meet up onsite or at our office.

Phase 2: Quotation/Fee Proposal

After understanding both your project and how you see us supporting you (single design, kitchen, design and build, etc.), we will prepare a estimated fee proposal/quotation. The proposal will indicate the resources and products we will need to allocate in order to meet your requirements.

Phase 3: Contract Signing

When the estimated fee proposal and works have been agreed we require a contract for the project to be signed and the journey begins in earnest.  Download the contract

Phase 4: Design

Once the quotation has been accepted by you and the contract signed, we will begin work upon your project. Throughout this process we will communicate with you at all times, ensuring we regularly meet up to review progress and make certain you are happy with suggestions before they become decisions. Once the scheme is agreed a works schedule will be created to detail project timescales and estimated costs.

Phase 4: Procurement

Once the works schedule is complete and agreed we will contact the suppliers to ensure the costs and deliveries are contained within the budget levels set.  When you have agreed upon the supplier quotes we will then order the products, co-ordinating deliveries to suit the project.

Phase 4: Build (for design and build projects)

Work commences! We will be onsite regularly to co-ordinate deliveries, monitor trades, project time management, provide problem solving solutions, etc.  During the build phase we have regular meetings to review progress and costs. It is our aim to bring the project in on time and on budget.

This should be an enjoyable experience for you. We have been in the business long enough to know what our clients expect from us and we work hard to make it all happen.

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